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Kuba Obraniak - Client Partner / Senior Executive Consultant

Client Partner / Senior Executive Consultant in CTER. A graduate of social sciences, University of N. Copernicus, Torun. Joined CTER in 2016. A well-known and popular recruitment consultant. Excels in marketing projects. His excellence in marketing projects does not exclude him from proven success in production, finance and IT projects, particularly for FMCG and sectors. He is keen to explore new markets and new subjects. Will reach the most inaccessible candidates who think highly of him for his ability to build a long term relationship.

He has been working in recruitment for over 15 years accomplishing executive search projects in a HR consulting company and later working in HR departments in pharmacy, FMCG and IT sectors.

Aside from recruitment he also specialises in training for managers on developing recruitment competencies. He is also an expert in re-branding and supporting career development.

Enjoys spending time with pop culture and comic heroes and is partial to travel to warm corners of Europe.

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