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Klaudia Fatah - Client Director / Senior Executive Consultant

Client Director / Senior Executive Consultant with CTER since 2017. A psychologist, certified ICC coach, trainer, mentor and... our CTER superwoman ;-). A consultant on HR issues with 20 years experience.

Her career has come a full circle. Klaudia started her HR adventure in the area of managerial recruitment and, after many years, returned to it. In the “meantime”, she supported business clients in creating and implementing educational programs related to chosen skills, integrating and motivating influences, and team management optimization consulting.

Her insight, as well as ability to diagnose problems accurately and translate them into activities that lead to a change of attitudes and behaviors, allowed numerous companies and managers to overcome difficulties and convert them into successes.

Over the past years she not only helped numerous employees and teams within their mindsets and functioning modes, but also created and strengthened the relationships with key clients in one of the most recognizable consulting and training companies on the market.

She is appreciated by her Clients for her cheerfulness, infectious optimism and open-mindedness, and valued for outstanding competencies, enormous commitment and almost old-fashioned sense of responsibility.

Klaudia works with both international corporations and Polish-owned companies.

The author of a series of publications devoted to managerial skills ("Employer") and, occasionally, a lecturer on the chosen HR issues.

After hours, she jumps onto her bike (not a paraglider any more), and rushes to the theater or a concert. As she had already conquered the Tatra mountains far and wide, she is currently exploring all else, provided that the place is different and warm. She plans to spend her retirement years on one of the Greek islands. Unfortunately, she keeps its name confidential. Meanwhile, however, she attempts to tame and channel the unruly energy of her teenage sons, which she manages basing on both the power of her positive inner peace and their own personal charm.

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