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Anna Szwedzińska - Executive Consultant

Executive Consultant in CTER. Holds MA in psychology, graduated from Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) - Academy of Management. With CTER since 2007. Has been involved in realization of various recruitment projects for wide spectrum of Clients: FMCG, Pharmacy, IT, Telco, Financial, Industry, Automotive, Banking, Media. Supports the board in key and most prestigious projects.

Anna has rare ability to reach the most unavailable Candidates in totally unexpected places and to motivate them by building a professional partnership. Valued by the team for her persistency, tempo and highest standards.

Being also Head of Research for 6 years Anna has built a team with the highest standards in market research. After hours an admirer of Mediterranean cuisine, French cinema, Scandinavian crime novels, European capital cities and exotic travels.

She balances her Italian temper with yoga and regular jogging.

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